Brett Akio Jensen

August 28, 1982 – May 7, 2002

It has been 7 years since you left us…

Feels like forever,

Feels like a day.

Forever missed…

Forever loved.


Our Dragonfly Story

Once there was a pond near the center of a beautiful green meadow.  The water in the pond was crystal clear and near the end was a small cluster of reeds that grew well out above the water’s surface.  At the bottom of the pond were many little grubs who lived contentedly and happily.  But every once in a while one of these grubs would climb up the reed plant and go above the surface of the water, never to be seen again.  The grubs who remained behind always wondered why their friends never came back to tell them what wonders lay beyond the water’s surface.

One day one of these small grubs said that he would climb the reed, break through the surface, and promised to return to tell his friends about the mysteries in the land beyond.  He made the long arduous climb and just as he reached the water’s surface, he looked back down at his friends, waved, and said, “I will come back to tell you!”  When he broke through the surface, the first thing he noticed was a very bright light.  It was not unpleasant and rather inviting, so he continued to climb to the very top of that reed.  He was warm and comfortable when he noticed something MAGICAL beginning to happen to him.  His body was changing and he was sprouting these wonderfully large silvery wings.  He teetered on the edge of the reed trying to maintain his balance with his new body and four new sparkling wings.  By moving these new wings he found he could balance better and soon found himself in flight.  It was a wonderfully exhilarating feeling and a new skill that he picked up very naturally.  He had changed into a beautiful dragonfly and was soaring above the pond in a very happy and peaceful frame of mind.  When he looked down into the crystal clear water he could see all of his family and friends anxiously waiting for him to return, but he knew they could not see him through the reflection of the water’s surface.  He also came to the realization that he would never be able to return to where his family and friends were and fulfill his promise, but could watch over them.  He knew that one day each of them would make the same journey as he had.

At Megan’s graduation party (soon after we lost Brett) there were a group of seven or eight dragonflies circling around our back yard in the bright sunshine.  In our mythical, mystical manner, we thought immediately about Brett.  In a strange way we could feel his presence at our party and in our lives.  In fact, every time a dragonfly visits us (and for some reason, we have many dragonfly visits), we think of Brett, soaring above us, watching over us, but not able to come back to tell us about life above the surface.

We miss Brett immeasurably.  Our lives are forever changed.  But we always remember our Brett as he circles above us with dragonfly wings, with whispers of laughter and comfort and love.

Leave your favorite memories, stories, and thoughts about Brett.

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I never had the honor of meeting Brett Jensen, but I feel like I definitely missed out. Since becoming great friends with Brett’s younger sister Megan and her parents a few years ago, I immediately knew right away that the Jensen’s were some of the most kind-hearted people that I’ve ever met. I can only imagine what a wonderful person Brett was, and from the stories I’ve heard he seemed like an amazing son and brother. I am so happy to have Megan and the rest of Jensen clan in my life now and am excited to help honor Brett’s memory in their first 5K later this year. I love you guys! :o)

  2. Never has a day gone by without me thinking, feeling or saying something that reminds me of you. I will always miss you.

  3. Brett and I shared many memories over the years at Cascade. To this day I think about him often. It is very true that the best of us are taken first. There isn’t a day that goes by that he is without my thoughts and prayers.

  4. i go to cascade and in coach wilsons room there is a picture of brett (which is drawn) decked out in his lettermens jacket.. i couldnt make it to the run this year next year though R.I.P brett jenson

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