Cascade Cafeteria 2003
Cascade Cafeteria 2003

A highlight for Brett during his time at Cascade High School was the annual Holiday Food Drive.  He put forth a great effort toward this event by going door to door, standing outside grocery stores asking, cajoling, and sometimes dancing for donations.  Brett also enjoyed shopping for families and delivering baskets.
As another way of honoring Brett and remembering his passion  – Don, Janice, and Megan donate and help distribute turkeys for over 100 families through the  Holiday Food Drive at CHS.

The Jensens 2007
The Jensens 2007
Loading turkeys at Safeway
Loading turkeys at Safeway
Notice who's doing all the work?
Notice who’s doing all the work?
Loading up with Jacob
Loading up with Jacob Kendo
Megan and Mrs. Crews
Megan and Mrs. Crews
CHS helpers..Food Drive 2006
CHS helpers (2006)
Megan, Niki, Andrew helping out 2003
Megan, Niki, and Andrew helping out (2003)
Mikes Therrell and Wilson with Don 2003
Mikes Therrell and Wilson with Don (2003)

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