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Don and Janice Jensen
Text or call: 425-330-8430
Email at:

We are also on Facebook: Brett Akio Jensen Memorial Scholarship

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi, my name is Justin, the 2014 Brett Akio Jensen Everett Rotary scholarship award recipient. I am so glad that my achievements were recognized and sad as well after learning about Brett’s tragic accident.

    I will work extremely hard in order to make everyone proud, and achieve in Brett’s memory. I will become a doctor and give the opportunity of life to others, an opportunity Brett did not get. His stellar achievements in high school is an inspiration to students like me and I will try my best in changing the world for the better. I may not impact the world as much as Brett would have given the chance, but I will try.

    Thank you for helping me and letting me know about Brett.

    Justin Y. Cho

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