August 28, 1982 - May 07, 2002
August 28, 1982 - May 07, 2002

Hometown: Everett, WA

Highschool: Cascade HS – graduating class of 2001

College: University of Washington

Family: Janice (mother) Don (father) Megan (sister)

“Carpe diem…Seize the day!” These words epitomize Brett Akio Jensen’s zest for life, passion for learning, and exuberant personality. In his short life, Brett touched and influenced the lives of so many people and truly left an everlasting impact on his family, his friends, and Cascade High School.

Brett graduated from Cascade High School with the class of 2001 as ASB President, a member of the Hall of Fame, a 4.0 scholar, and a graduation speaker. Throughout his high school career, Brett was involved in student leadership, government, football, track, community service, Hi-Q team, and many other activities. Above all, he was a sensitive, kind, funny, and loving human being.

6 thoughts on “About Brett

  1. Every day brings some thought or reflection on Brett. He inspired many, young and old, with his wit, humor and thoughtful consideration. This website is a wonderful way to share those reflections among those whose lives he touched, as well as those who might not have had the gift of knowing him.

  2. Brett was one of the most amazing people that my entire family was blessed to know. He was such a bright shining star that made such a huge impact on all of our lives and will forever live on in our hearts and memories.

  3. Brett will always be in my mind, in my words, and in my heart. His life impacted who I have become. I miss him.

  4. i went to middle school with brett n his mother was my math teacher in 6th grade he will always be missed n remembered by me n everyone who knew the jensen family.

  5. Remembering Brett today. I miss him and still keep a picture of the two of us framed in my room.

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